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Athletics have always been a major part of Ryan’s life. Whether running track or playing basketball during his middle school days, or on the soccer and wrestling teams during high school and college, Ryan learned early on that consistency is key and mind has to be matter in order to see success.

Practice off the field was important too as an all-season athlete, and Ryan began lifting weights early on as part of his regimen. But like when any athlete pushes their body past its comfort level, Ryan sustained various injuries over time, including a broken humerus, surgery on his meniscus and multiple stress fractures. His injuries definitely served as short-term setbacks, but Ryan didn’t let anything stop him from getting back to working out. He continued to weight train smartly during his time off, which in fact helped him recover more quickly, stave off any repetitive injuries and also push him to explore new modes and methods of working out and see fitness gains in areas he’d never realized before.

As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Ryan today uses his past experiences coupled with his deep knowledge of fitness to design exercise programs that can help his clients make strides in their own exercise and athletic goals, all while keeping them as healthy and injury free as possible. He truly believes that there is always a new goal to reach and surpass in the workout arena and, by extension, in other areas of life.


  • High School/College Track: 200m, 400m and relays/Watch all things track and field when possible
  • Soccer Interest/player since high school
  • Love the Kettlebell
  • Watch all Strong Man competitions possible
  • Train all levels from young to older, perfect health/injury carrying individuals
  • Have own injury back ground that I dealt with with (i.e. meniscus surgery on knee, broken arm/humerus surgery, stress fractures, etc.)
  • Began Training in 2006

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