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In an uncertain time like the present, keeping our bodies and minds healthy should be a top priority!

While we can’t teach our classes in person like we are used to, we CAN deliver to you INSTAGRAM LIVE ONLINE CLASSES with your favorite instructors and trainers!

Here’s how to access the classes:

1. Sign Up for Instagram Account or Log In to your Instagram account
2. Follow @vimfitness
3. At the time of the scheduled class, click on the @vimfitness icon that says LIVE in red
4. You will then be LIVE STREAMING your favorite instructors!

Don’t have/want Instagram?
After the class has finished, we will be posting the recording to Facebook for those who prefer that platform.


Don’t forget to comment and say ‘what’s up’ to your instructor during class! See you (virtually) soon!


instagram live

functional training

You’re Invited to a FREE Functional Training Clinic with VIM Trainer, Quan!

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd @ 11AM and 7:30PM
Friday, Oct. 5th @ 11AM and 7:30PM

WHERE: VIM – Central Square


Join us to learn workout regimen incorporating the whole body system as a single unit, involving multi-joint movements to create a muscle balance/stabilization foundation, which distributes lean muscle growth.

It will address the (pre/post) rehabilitation and conditioning, and will benefit the special populations (those with diabetes, HBP, CVD, and musculoskeletal diseases), by activating and stimulating the repair and facilitating the growth of the major and the supporting small, intricate muscles for ADL(activities of daily living) functionality.



rich destefaniRead on to get to know him:

Rich first started lifting weights when he was 14, preparing for high school football. Even before then, Rich grew up on a farm so he spent his childhood “lifting things” as well as understanding the meaning of hard work.

Even though Rich was always a strong guy, he had a history of being overweight. Rich was 140lbs around the age of 7 and was already over 200lbs by 12. Rich was finally able to get his weight in check by sophomore year of college (down to 230lbs from 280), until 21 hit.

From 2009 to 2016, while Rich competed in strongman, he did not follow a nutrition program and eventually, his weight blew up to 325lbs and was mostly fat.

After a poor performance at a major strongman competition of March 2017, Rich set goals for himself to reach a certain body weight and win a national championship in strongman. In June 2017, he became the 275lb national champion. Since then, Rich has traveled to Finland and Greece to compete and has become a professional strongman.

It doesn’t matter what your end goal is, Rich wants to help steer you on your journey to success.

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ryan trainer spotlight


[slideshow gallery=”2905,2970″ width=”402″ align=”left”]Read on to get to know him:

Athletics have always been a major part of Ryan’s life. Whether running track or playing basketball during his middle school days, or on the soccer and wrestling teams during high school and college, Ryan learned early on that consistency is key and mind has to be matter in order to see success.

Practice off the field was important too as an all-season athlete, and Ryan began lifting weights early on as part of his regimen. But like when any athlete pushes their body past its comfort level, Ryan sustained various injuries over time, including a broken humerus, surgery on his meniscus and multiple stress fractures. His injuries definitely served as short-term setbacks, but Ryan didn’t let anything stop him from getting back to working out. He continued to weight train smartly during his time off, which in fact helped him recover more quickly, stave off any repetitive injuries and also push him to explore new modes and methods of working out and see fitness gains in areas he’d never realized before.

As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Ryan today uses his past experiences coupled with his deep knowledge of fitness to design exercise programs that can help his clients make strides in their own exercise and athletic goals, all while keeping them as healthy and injury free as possible. He truly believes that there is always a new goal to reach and surpass in the workout arena and, by extension, in other areas of life.


  • High School/College Track: 200m, 400m and relays/Watch all things track and field when possible
  • Soccer Interest/player since high school
  • Love the Kettlebell
  • Watch all Strong Man competitions possible
  • Train all levels from young to older, perfect health/injury carrying individuals
  • Have own injury back ground that I dealt with with (i.e. meniscus surgery on knee, broken arm/humerus surgery, stress fractures, etc.)
  • Began Training in 2006

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[slideshow gallery=”3290,3231,3230″ width=”402″ align=”left”]Read on to get to know her:

Amy received her certification from the American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT). She also graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a BA in English and a minor in dance.

Coming from a professional dance background and after a series of painful injuries (tear in ACL and hip, fractured sesamoid), her training methods focus on proper alignment and body awareness combined with high intensity workouts. More importantly, she emphasizes injury prevention and facilitated stretching. Amy believes that training, or “getting into shape,” should not only include nutrition and exercising, but also developing a positive mindset and outlook on life.

When she’s not teaching or sweating it out in the gym, Amy spends the rest of her time in the studio. She is blessed to be dancing with several Boston and Cambridge-based companies.

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VIM is pleased to welcome our newest trainer, Sarah!

[slideshow gallery=”3099,3279,3280,3281,3283″ width=”699″ align=”left”]Read on to get to know her:

Sarah is a long term athlete who currently competes on the Tufts Track and Field team. She’s completed hundreds of running races including a half marathon and a triathlon. A long history of injuries encouraged her to start strength training, and she now throws hammer, shot put, and weight.

She is also a passionate vegan and yogi, and in her free time she enjoys biking, reading, and blogging.

She is an ACE certified personal trainer and loves to work with athletes of all levels to help improve their performance.

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Want a complete mind-body workout? Work with Kevin, one of VIM’s awesome trainers!

Kevin has served the Boston community as a catalyst for health and well-being since moving here from Minnesota in 2014. Kevin has completed two Yoga Teacher Trainings with CorePower Yoga in both Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt, and has 1,000+ hours of experience teaching / coaching yoga, group exercise, individual & corporate private sessions.  He has been a yoga and fitness instructor in Minnesota and Massachusetts for 6 years. With a background in Kinesiology, his style of teaching blends elements from yoga, strength training, and cardio into a complete mind/body workout.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys music, friends, exploring the city, and any adrenaline-inducing adventure.

Kevin is now offering private sessions in both yoga and personal training. Kevin can help you develop and evolve specific areas of your yoga practice and fitness regime including strength, posture, flexibility and balance. His approach is to empower your mind and body from where you start, so your vision is clear and your effort is focused for the work to be done. You can expect a fun and engaging challenge in every class/session you take with him at VIM. See for yourself!

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Have an interest in trying yoga, but not sure where to begin? Or do you regularly attend yoga classes and need some one-on-one tutoring? Maybe you are just looking to expand your health and fitness goals with in a more personal setting.

Here are just two styles of yoga that could be beneficial for you:

Vinyasa Yoga, a style of yoga that will emphasize a flowing, moving physical practice, and specifically the coordination of that movement with breath; And Core Yoga, a style of yoga that will offer a strength-building sequence with lots of Core-activating work.

Both classes highlight proper alignment and pranayama- the yogic practice of breathing, as well as development of the student’s own Self-awareness.

Group and private yoga sessions are open to all levels of experience

About the instructor:My name is Roxanne. I was introduced to yoga as a freshman in college, and I instantly fell in love with the practice. Six years later I received my instructor certification through Back Bay Yoga Studio.  I practice and teach in and around Boston. I look forward to sharing the experience of yoga with others.

Can’t wait to meet you!