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Massage Therapy VIM is now offering massage therapy services at our Central Square location! Massage is a beneficial addition to anyone’s wellness routine:

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Our Therapists


My name is Serge Merisme Jr. I graduated from Lincoln Tech in Somerville, MA in 2011. I’ve worked in several massage studios where I was fortunate enough to learn even more from many great therapists. My style of massage is a mix between Swedish and Deep Tissue.

I believe my greatest strength is that I can adapt to the needs of the client and treat them with courtesy, which I believe they can feel. What I enjoy most about doing massage is being able to make those I work on feel better leaving than when they came in.

Serge is available for booking Mondays & Tuesdays from 4pm through 9pm.

Massage Styles


Swedish massage is a classic style that uses long strokes to increase blood flow and promote lymphatic drainage throughout the entire body. Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue, so it is best for those seeking a relaxing experience.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage employs firmer pressure, targeting deeper layers of muscle to reduce tension in problem areas. Deep tissue is a great companion to strength training–breaking up post-workout muscle adhesions speeds recovery and reduces soreness. It is also an ideal choice if you’re looking to address a specific muscle concern, such as an injury or an area of chronic stiffness.

Amma Therapy

Amma Therapy is a form of bodywork rooted in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Amma offers the therapeutic benefit of massage with the ancient knowledge of TCM. Amma combines deep, therapeutic pressure with acu-point manipulation to access and address imbalance in the body according to Chinese medical theory. Depending on wants and needs of the client, sessions can include Cupping or Gua Sha