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how to become a personal trainer

If you spend a lot of time at the gym, why not get paid for it? Personal trainers make a good living, after all. Why not cash in on your love of the fitness lifestyle and become a personal trainer?

No matter what your background is, there’s a niche in the fitness world that you can likely fit seamlessly into, from working with athletes to keeping older adults fit, to helping people return to exercise after an injury or illness. 

Careers are abundant and the industry continues to grow, so jump on the trend now and make a living while you do it. Here’s how to become a personal trainer.

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

The basic duty that a personal trainer performs is to create customized exercise plans for clients to help them reach their fitness goals. They are well trained in anatomy and physiology and use that knowledge to design a workout program that fits the needs of the individual. 

A personal trainer may work with one person at a time or conduct group sessions to instruct several people in a similar way at one time. They might also coach sports teams, work in rehab facilities, create gym programs, or instruct fitness classes. 

Personal trainers do not offer medical advice and cannot diagnose health problems. They cannot create customized meal plans either.

They can collaborate with other health professionals as part of a team to help you be the healthiest you can be.

Sound interesting? Keep reading to see if you’ve got what it takes with these handy tips for becoming a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Prerequisites

Before you can begin a personal trainer course, you must meet some requirements, including being at least 18 years of age and having a current CPR and AED certification.

Most certifying agencies also require you to have a high school diploma or GED. 

How to Become a Personal Trainer

If you meet the requirements and are ready to get started, there’s a path that you must follow to become a certified personal trainer. That path starts with choosing your certification program.

There are several to choose from and you need to be sure that the one you choose is accredited, which lends it credibility. The National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise are two of the most popular programs. 

While a college degree is not required to pursue a personal trainer certification, many people have a background in exercise science or kinesiology. This often gives them a leg up when studying for the personal trainer exam.

You might decide that having a bachelor’s degree is important to you and it creates a strong stepping stone for your future endeavors in the field. 

The Certification Program

Each program varies on how the information is presented, but you can likely expect to have a set of materials that will guide your studies. This usually includes a textbook and study guide.

Often, lectures and webinars are used in conjunction with these materials. As you progress through the program, you’ll learn anatomy and exercise science techniques.

These will teach you to choose the right exercises for clients in a variety of situations. That includes those who want to build muscle, are overweight or obese, and have health conditions like arthritis or diabetes. 

You’ll also learn about the skeletal system and will be able to identify the muscles in the body that are used for various movement patterns. This assists you in learning to customize exercise programs for people with full range of motion and those who struggle with everyday activities. 

The Personal Trainer Exam

After you complete the certification program you choose, you will take the personal trainer exam. This exam tests your knowledge of the topics taught in the classes and lectures, and you must achieve a passing score to earn your certification.

The test is pass or fail and if you don’t get through the first time, you can retake it. The exam is typically administered at a testing site, though some organizations offer an online version.

If you prefer one or the other, be sure to ask about the testing process before you choose a program so that you can align your needs with the type of exam offered.

Choose Your Niche

While many personal trainers start out working in a gym, you’ll quickly find that you prefer a certain type of clients, such as women or young athletes. Finding your niche allows you to progress your career.

In addition to working at corporate gyms, many personal trainers work in corporate settings or in hospitals, spas, and wellness centers. Others find fulfilling work on cruise ships, directing exercise classes for vacationers. 

Specific niches to consider include athletics, weight management, nutrition coaching, and orthopedics. You might also be drawn to personal training in the medical industry or working with young children.

Going into business for yourself might sound appealing. This is entirely possible as a personal trainer. Due to the flexible nature of the job, there are a lot of ways to open your own place. 

Whether you want a brick-and-mortar gym of your own or you see clients in their own homes, the advantages of working for yourself are plentiful. That includes a personal trainer salary that rivals those working in other settings.

Continuing Education

Like many careers, you’ll have to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in the fitness industry to keep your certification current and valid. You can take continuing education courses through your certifying agency.

You can also take them through other organizations that track your progress and contribute the credits to your certificate. This is an exciting way to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry.

Ready to get started on learning how to become a personal trainer? Let Vim Fitness help you build your career and get people moving.

virtual fitness classes

Even though we might want to, not all of us have the chance to make it to the gym. On top of that, Covid-19 has made it even more difficult for us to get to the gym and get a workout in. 

The good news is that virtual fitness classes offer a great opportunity for people looking to work out from home. Whether you’re looking for virtual fitness classes for beginners or want something more advanced, plenty of online instructors can help you get in shape. 

If you’re planning to get started with either pre-recorded or live virtual fitness classes, there are a few tips for making sure you get a great workout in. Check out these 5 tips for having the best online workout classes possible.

1. Set Aside a Designated Space for Your Virtual Fitness Classes

With many family members working from home and kids on summer holidays, finding a designated space to get your workout in can be difficult. However, with a little creativity, you can usually find a spot that works. 

One place that many people don’t think about is the garage. If you move a car out of the way, your garage offers a large, flat space for completing workouts. You can lay down a yoga mat for any floor workout routines so that you can stay comfortable. 

Another great option for people who are strapped for space is the backyard. Not only do you get your workout in, but you also get some vitamin D!

Choosing where to take virtual fitness classes in the home is important for helping you stay focused and making the most of your class. It can also help train your brain to understand that when you’re in that space, you’re getting down to business. 

2. Bring a Friend to Your Home Workout Sesh

Staying motivated when you’re the only one doing your workout can be tough. You may find yourself taking more breaks or only putting in half the effort when doing different exercises. 

Bringing a friend along is a great way to stay motivated and get fit. This is because group exercise can actually help you to motivate yourself. 

When you see your workout buddy successfully completing the exercise, it tends to promote some healthy competition. In turn, you tend to push yourself more to keep pace with your friend. 

On top of this, working out with a friend helps you stay confident! You might feel silly completing exercises, but when you have a friend there with you, you’re able to keep your head in the game. 

3. Choose Classes You Genuinely Enjoy

While you can take advantage of the benefits of virtual fitness classes with any type of workout, there’s no point in choosing a workout that you don’t actually enjoy. When you don’t like the workout, you’re less likely to give it your all. 

The good news is that there are so many different types of adult fitness classes that you can take. A few common classes you can take online include: 

  • Pilates classes
  • Core training programs
  • Step classes
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • HIIT workouts

If you have an exercise bike or a treadmill, you can even enroll in virtual spinning or running classes. These classes are much easier if you have the equipment, however, as trying to complete them on the go can make it difficult to follow your instructor. 

No matter what type of exercise gets you inspired, choose a class that you’ll enjoy. The more you like it, the more likely you are to stick with it. 

4. Create an Inspiring Workout Playlist

While many virtual fitness classes will have music in the background, you don’t need to use their soundtrack! In fact, listening to your own music can help you stay motivated and can make the workout more enjoyable. 

If you’re already fairly familiar with the type of exercise you’re doing, you can often simply mute the instructor. Then, you can play your own music out loud so that you can stay motivated and get your workout in. 

For those who are just getting started and don’t know all the movements, you can try using two separate speakers. Connecting your phone to a Bluetooth speaker nearby can allow you to play music in the background but still hear the instructor. 

As you get more comfortable with the movement in the classes, you’ll be more easily able to turn off the instruction and blast your music. Blast those tunes and don’t be afraid to let the adrenaline kick in!

5. Create Your Own Fitness Schedule

There are a surprising number of health benefits to routines. Those benefits apply to workout routines, too!

One reason why developing a routine is so important is because it helps you to find a time that consistently works for you. For instance, maybe you’re most available when you first wake up in the morning. 

As you begin to settle into your routine, the routine will slowly become a habit. Pretty soon, your workout will become as essential a part of the day as your afternoon coffee. 

No matter when you choose to work out, be sure to keep it consistent. It’s okay to mix things up from time to time, but sticking to a schedule will help make sure that you keep taking the time to work out. 

Get in Gear With Virtual Fitness Classes

With summer right around the corner, getting in shape is more important than ever. By following these five simple tips, you’ll be ready to rock and roll in whatever virtual fitness classes your heart desires. 

At Vim Fitness, we offer a number of online fitness classes. Choose a class that you’re interested in and sign up today!

Get Moving in May
adult fitness classes

Are you looking to get more out of your gym time? Or do you want guidance when knowing what exercises to do? 

Going to a gym can be intimidating even for the most workout-savvy people. But, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of waiting in line for machines or wondering which moves you should do next, take a class! 

Adult fitness classes are a great way to not only work out but meet new people as well. Ready to find the class that works for you?

Why Choose Adult Fitness Classes

Does taking a fitness class give you flashbacks to P.E.? Don’t let the set-up fool you. There are many benefits to joining a gym with fitness class offerings. 

1. Group Fitness Helps You Blend In

If your primary concern with going to the gym is that you think others will look at you, joining a fitness class may be the remedy. Depending on the class you choose, each member of the group will be doing all the same moves at once. 

This means no one will hone in on exactly what you’re doing. Members of the class will be focused on their exercises and non-members won’t pick you out of the crowd. 

2. Get Specific Feedback

Though working out in a group helps you blend in, it also allows a trainer to evaluate your exercises. This is beneficial as you’ll know whether you are doing a move correctly. 

Getting feedback from a trainer can help beginners learn the moves correctly. But, it’s also a great opportunity for work out pros to practice their form or learn advanced moves. 

3. Community Mindset

When you consistently show up to a certain class, you get to know the other dedicated members of the group. This is good if you’re new to town and wanting to meet new people or if you want to find new like-minded friends. 

4. Learn Modifications

Are you nervous about being able to perform each exercise? In group fitness classes, the trainers know there are varying levels of expertise and abilities. 

The trainers will provide modifications so you can find the right variation for your body. This works for basic moves or when you want to advance to more difficult versions. 

Which Class Is Right for You?

There is a seemingly endless amount of adult fitness classes to choose from. So, which one is right for you? Check out the classes listed below and their descriptions to find which one will help you meet your fitness goals. 


Barre combines Pilates and ballet to create a body-sculpting class. The class normally takes place in a room with two or more mirrors and mounted bars around the room. 

Expect to use dumbbell weights between 1 and 5 pounds, a mat, the bar, and occasionally a small rubber ball. Each of these elements helps you with the minute exercises you’ll be doing in class.

Instead of a large range of motion, you’ll be doing small movements and isometric holds. These types of moves keep your body contracted and core engaged the entire time. You may also hear the instructor telling you to “embrace the shake,” as your body may shake a bit as you hold each pose. 

This class is ideal for carving out toned muscles over time. Barre is a low-impact class. 


What better way to get in shape and take your anger out than by boxing? 

Boxing classes have full-size punching bags scattered around, hanging from a section of the room. Though shadowboxing is also a popular fitness class, where no punching bags are used, this is specifically about boxing. 

For boxing, bring your own hand wraps or buy them at the gym. The same goes with boxing gloves, though you may be able to borrow some during your first few classes. 

For this class, be sure to wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing. This is to ensure you don’t get tangled up while performing technical moves or body-weight exercises. 

During boxing classes, expect to have a short warm-up. Then, you’ll jump into learning punching and kicking combinations. Sometimes classes end with a section to focus on strengthening your core. 

Boxing classes are great for building cardio endurance and building muscle. 


Spinning is ideal for those wanting to ride an adrenaline high and push their limits. Spin classes are normally characterized by loud, energetic music, and a trainer calling out commands for your sets. 

In this classroom, there will be bikes set up around the room. Similar to boxing classes, you’ll want to wear form-fitting clothing to avoid any entanglements with gear. 

The most important thing in spin classes is to make sure you set up your bike correctly. Arrive early to chat with the trainer or watch videos online beforehand to get an idea of how to adjust the settings. 

These classes are great for building cardio strength and carving sleek leg muscles. 


Get zen and fit all in one! There are various types of yoga, ranging from sweat-inducing hot yoga to relaxing zen. 

But, they each have a similar setup. You’ll need a yoga mat, a towel, and a yoga block. You can borrow many of these items from the gym, especially the first few times you try the class. 

Normally in these classes, there are guided breathing practices, poses held for 2 – 3 minutes, and intense stretching. No matter which type of yoga you choose, you’ll grow a deeper mind-body connection and increase your mobility through stretching. 

Ready to Get Started? 

Depending on your fitness goals and your gym’s class schedule, you could take multiple adult fitness classes. This is known as cross-training and helps you reach more than one fitness goal at once. 

Or, pick one class and invest in getting to know the trainers, your classmates, and the skills needed for that class. 

Want to get started on your fitness journey today? Contact us for personalized training or group fitness classes to meet your needs. 

personal training

Perhaps in part because of the pandemic last year, the number of people willing to go to the gym has skyrocketed. Of course, this is great news, as these same people have decided that it’s time to take care of their personal health and have actually put their words into action. If you’re reading this article, then it’s clear you must be one of the go-getters who are making a change, and that’s awesome! That being said, if you’re new to the ways of the gym, you’re probably going to want personal training to help you grow better and stronger.

What can a personal trainer do for your fitness goals? This article will tell you everything you need to know. Read on to find out more!

They’ll Keep You Accountable

Every day, many people start their fitness journey, but a lot of them happen to falter or outright quit along the way. You might be determined to put in the work in the beginning, but how long will that determination last? If you’re serious about wanting to set fitness goals and embracing a healthier lifestyle, then a personal trainer is going to be a key factor in helping you do that.

Personal trainers are there to make sure you stay accountable to yourself. They’ll make sure you continue to work and that you don’t give up on your vision. With their experience and your efforts, you’ll start achieving the body that you desire in no time.

You Have a Proper Training Regiment

Part of the reason why people get discouraged or even stop going to the gym is that they don’t know what they’re doing when they’re in there. You might want to go work out and get started on your fitness journey, but once you walk into the gym you’re bound to be confused as to what you need to do to get the body you want and you may even end up hurting yourself in the process.

What you need is a personal trainer who can help you learn your way around the gym and put together the proper fitness routine to get you started. Trainers have plenty of experience with all body types, and they can prepare a routine for you from day one on to help you build your physique safely and generate the fastest results.

You Can Avoid the Unhealthy Trends

It seems that these days, there’s a new diet trend being passed around each month. While watching what you eat is always a good thing, and there are some diets out there that are beneficial, the whopping majority of diets out there are just fads at best and dangerous at worst. If you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, you may make the mistake of joining in on a dangerous diet that could hurt your health.

Personal trainers know what’s best for the human body to have, and they know which foods you need to maximize your fitness goals. With their guidance, you can make sure you’re set on a proper diet that will give you actual nutrients and boosting your energy levels while cutting the fat. How’s that for diet goals?

Your Motivation Will Skyrocket

Most people think that a fitness coach is some retired Seargent who will yell at them to do 100 pushups and run a mile all while slandering them with derogatory words. If this is something that worries you, never fear. Personal trainers don’t actually work in that manner; in fact, they do the exact opposite and work to motivate you to succeed.

Personal trainers will hear out exactly what your goal is and plan a schedule around it. They’ll work with you and encourage you to stick to the program, keeping track of your work ethic and celebrating with you when you reach the milestones you’ve set out to accomplish. Having someone on your side rooting for you is one of the most important things you could ask for in your journey to success.

You’ll Get to See Your Results Faster

Remember what we said earlier about making mistakes in the gym because you don’t know what to do? Besides the obvious factor that you could hurt yourself, starting your journey alone could lead to slow and shaky beginnings. It could take quite a while for you to see any results if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Since a personal trainer knows the ins and outs of physical health and conditioning, they can help you put together the right program that you need to win. This means getting you right with your workout routine as well as with your diet and (perhaps most importantly) with your mental conditioning. All of this will get you the results you desire in a fraction of the time that it would take you if you were to go it alone.

Personal Training Tailored to Your Needs

Now that you know about the benefits of personal training, you’re going to want to hire a personal trainer to help you reach all of your fitness goals and get you in the best shape of your life. That said, you’re going to want to find a trainer that you can trust to deliver the results that you’re looking for. Luckily for you, you won’t have to look any further.

At VIM fitness, we offer state-of-the-art gym facilities to all of our members with only the best trainers and equipment to maximize your success. Our personal trainers are hand-picked to ensure they have plenty of experience in their field to help you with your goals. Looking to add more to your training? We’ve got plenty of fitness classes, yoga and pilates sessions, and the best traditional gym equipment that you can ask for.

Take a look around our site to learn more about what we can offer you, or just reach out to us to start your membership. Let’s get you in the best shape of your life!

nutrition coach

There’s a large number of benefits that you can experience from getting into great shape. Not only will you be more confident, but you also find that you can perform significantly better in different areas of your life.

As we all know, though, proper training is only half the battle. In order to maximize your results, you’ll need to ensure that you keep your diet in check.

Hiring a nutrition coach is a factor that often allows people to take things to the next level. Let’s explore why you should consider working with one.

You Can Make Adjustments as You Go

One of the primary benefits of working with a nutrition coach is the ability to make necessary adjustments as you go. For example, it’s not uncommon for someone to lose less weight than they anticipated.

In some cases, they could even lose more weight than they expected to within a given period of time.

In these scenarios, your coach will help you make the required changes to help keep you on track. Otherwise, you risk being unable to reach your goals. This is particularly important for those who compete in athletic events that require athletes to stay within a certain weight class.

Wrestling, for example, is notoriously strict when it comes to making weight. So, keep this in mind when determining whether or not working with the coach is right for you.

They Will Hold You Accountable

Interestingly, far more people have trouble sticking to their nutrition plan as opposed to their workout regimen. This is likely due to the fact that working out is an engaging activity that provides results based on what you do.

Dieting, on the other hand, provides the majority of its results based on what you don’t do. To elaborate, it’s much harder to avoid eating foods you enjoy, drinking alcohol, or missing meals than it is to go to the gym or a training session.

Since your nutrition coach wants you to get the best results possible, they will hold you accountable for your behavior. Out of respect for your coach, it’s also essential that you listen to the suggestions that they make.

You Can Track Your Progress

Part of your coach’s job is to track your progress. Not only will this ensure that you reach your goals, but it will also help them showcase their talents to other potential clients. But, having somebody else track your progress is essential when it comes to staying focused.

When somebody looks at themselves in the mirror every day, it can be difficult to notice changes to their physique. Even after months, they may not feel like they look that much different than before.

Your coach will keep a log of certain metrics, such as the weight you lift, your times on certain exercises, etc. They may also have you send them progress photos each week that they will compile at a later date.

Professional-Level Results

More likely than not, you won’t be able to achieve the same results on your own as you could through working with a professional. Nutrition coaches not only have a vast amount of knowledge of their craft, but they also have a significant amount of experience in working with people in your situation.

A well-established nutrition coach has likely dealt with hundreds of individuals who have a similar body composition, goals, etc. For this reason alone, those who are serious about making changes to their diet or physique choose to work with a professional so that they can achieve the best results.

While it’s not impossible to do so without a coach, it will likely be far more difficult.


Everybody’s body is different. This is true even for those who are of the same weight and height.

For example, someone who is 6’1” and 190 pounds could look drastically different than somebody else with the same exact stats. So, your personal needs will differ from those of others.

To elaborate, you might benefit more from a nutrition plan that includes a low amount of carbohydrates in a high amount of unsaturated fat. Or, the inverse could be true.

Whatever your needs are, the coach you hire will be able to assess them and create a plan that is ideal for you. This eliminates the need for implementing a large amount of trial and error, something that you would likely have to do on your own.


It’s not uncommon for someone to wake up one day and feel entirely demotivated. You might not have seen the progress you wanted to yet, or you may simply be tired of adhering to a certain lifestyle.

Regardless of why you feel this way, it can be difficult to push forward if you don’t have somebody else restoring this motivation.

If you attempt to follow your own nutrition plan without the help of anybody else, you may find yourself giving up. But, your nutrition coach will be there during these moments and will remind you why you started your journey in the first place. They also provide you with plenty of motivation to continue your progress.

Working With a Nutrition Coach to Be Game-Changing

So, it’s essential that you keep the above benefits in mind. From here, you’ll be able to find a nutrition coach who can fulfill all of your needs.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Feel free to reach out to us today to see what we can do for you.

massage benefits

Do you count sheep? If you have insomnia, you’ve probably tried counting something to help you sleep at least once. It must be a challenge to fall asleep while imagining sheep with all their noises and odors.

The good news is you don’t need to rely on old wives’ tales or cultural myths to get a good night’s sleep, relieve chronic pain, or kick stress to the curb. You can get a massage!

To find out how a massage benefits your body, soul, and mind, relax, take a deep breath, and read today’s post. Explore seven perks you can enjoy from massage therapy. You’ll quickly discover it’s not just a day at the spa!

1. Quit Counting Sheep

Are you one of the 70 million adults who suffer from a sleep disorder? Since counting sheep isn’t a proven method to fall asleep, if that’s what you do at night, you can safely banish those sheep from your dreams.

People who get regular massage therapy can attest that it’s not uncommon to fall asleep during a massage session.

Some types, such as Swedish massage, can coax the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This system helps your body relax—something people who have insomnia and other sleep disorders have a hard time doing.

Therapeutic massages activate multiple physical responses, including an increase in serotonin. Serotonin produces melatonin. One helps you relax, and the other enables you to fall asleep.

With the help of a skilled massage therapist, you can quit counting sheep and start enjoying quality sleep.

2. Are You Under Pressure?

New medications designed to treat high blood pressure come on the market frequently. Doctors often recommend dietary changes. They also advise adding exercise, like walking, to your daily routine.

Unless you identify the cause of high blood pressure, you may miss one of the most effective treatments.

Yes, hypertension is sometimes hereditary, but lifestyle plays a significant role in developing this serious health condition. A person’s diet is another contributing factor. Stress is a major cause of high blood pressure.

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you can use massage health benefits to complement the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. Research shows a significant decrease in blood pressure when you participate in regular massage therapy.

3. Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain try just about anything to find relief. Whether it’s medication, exercise, acupuncture, or a combination of treatments, the goal is simple: manage the pain.

Massage therapy disturbs the pain cycle. The result is a reduction in pain, which results in pain relief. Regular massage can also prevent pain reoccurrence.

Another kind of pain responds well to massage—headache pain. One of the leading causes of headaches is neck tension. Tension restricts blood flow to the brain, and your massage therapist can relieve the pressure. If you suffer from frequent headaches, add massage therapy to your treatment program.

Chronic pain doesn’t only affect the body. It increases a person’s stress level and often leads to anxiety and depression. Next, we’ll talk about how massage can help improve emotional health.

4. A Massage Can Make the Blues Go Away

Chronic pain is only one contributor to anxiety, depression, and stress. Life, in general, causes stress, and some people battle anxiety and depression due to brain chemical imbalances.

Cortisol, often called the stress hormone, occurs naturally in the body. While it gets a lot of attention due to how it can cause a rise in stress levels, cortisol plays a part in metabolism, immunity, memory, and blood sugar regulation. You need it, but you don’t want an overload.

You already know how yoga can help improve mental health, but you may not realize massage therapy offers many of the same benefits. Massage can lower cortisol, with a corresponding increase in serotonin. You may associate serotonin with depression, but it impacts every part of the body.

As far as emotional health, serotonin acts as a mood stabilizer. At proper levels, it reduces depression and regulates anxiety.

Many health care providers today recommend massage therapy as a component of mental health treatment plans.

5. How Massage Benefits Your Immune System

No matter what time of year it is, people get colds. Colds have no respect for seasons, which means you can never let your guard down.

Sure, you can take Vitamin C and zinc, get plenty of rest, and wash your hands frequently. Unless you have a robust immune system, you’re still susceptible to all kinds of viruses, including colds.

A key player in the battle over infection is your white blood cells. A healthy lymphatic system flushes toxins from the body. Massage stimulates both.

Not only does massage help fight colds and other nasty illnesses, but it also works to keep your digestive system healthy.

6. Settles Your Stomach

Whether you deal with acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or food sensitivities, you likely experience daily discomfort. One common thread shared by most digestive disorders is stress.

Now, we’re not saying stress causes digestive conditions—there is an array of contributing factors—stress does seem to make things worse.

When you need your gut to calm down, try getting a massage. Because massage therapy reduces stress, it can help settle your stomach.

We mentioned above how massage helps maintain a healthy lymphatic system. When you flush those toxins from your body, you help establish more efficient digestion. Digestive efficiency prevents your body from working too hard to process food and absorb nutrients.

7. Do You Sit All Day?

If you weren’t a desk worker before the current health crisis, you’ve probably spent a portion of your work hours seated in front of your computer. Have you noticed an extra amount of tension in your neck and shoulders?

You may be dealing with postural stress. Poor posture, repetitive motion, and prolonged time spent in the same position all increase stress on your body.

Once you progress to an advanced form of postural stress, you’ll likely feel pain in your lower back and gluteals, especially after long periods of sitting at your desk.

Massage therapy helps restore proper posture when you’ve spent the day in a chair.

Start Enjoying Massage Benefits Today

Most people think about massage as a fun couple’s activity or a way to relax after a long week. Therapeutic manipulation, the methods used by skilled practitioners to treat many diseases and disorders using their hands, offers much more than a day at the spa.

VIM Fitness specializes in post-workout recovery and health restoration through massage therapy. Don’t wait another day to experience massage benefits and start enjoying life even more than you do today. Contact us and schedule a session.

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