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choosing a personal trainer

On some level, all of us want to invest in the improvement of our physical and mental health. Adopting a regular exercise routine is a great way to accomplish both, but it’s not always easy to find a safe and effective form of exercise for our bodies and goals.

Working with a personal trainer has many proven benefits, including increased motivation and lowered safety risks. However, that doesn’t mean that every personal trainer offers a one-size-fits-all approach.

Choosing a personal trainer is a lot like choosing a diet or choosing a therapist. You want to ensure that the one you’re working with is right for you and your needs.

How can you approach this choice? Read on for eight factors to consider when finding the perfect personal trainer for you.

1. Location

Some of the first few factors we’ll discuss are quite practical and easy to gauge. The first is location. 

Where do you want to perform your workouts? Are you looking for a gym you can go to right after work or a gym located closer to your home? Do you want to go to a gym at all or would you prefer working with someone who meets you in your own specified locations?

Our personal trainers will work with you at one of our two facilities, both located in Cambridge, MA.

2. Availability

Once again, here is a practical consideration. There are a few steps that you can take to form a new habit, and one of them is setting realistic intentions. Sure, you might want to start waking up an hour earlier to get your workout in, but is that something you can really see yourself doing?

Find a personal trainer who is available at a time when you are most likely to exercise. Of course, you will want to select a time when you aren’t fulfilling other obligations. However, you will also want to pick a time that you tend to have a decent amount of energy and motivation. 

3. Cost

Make sure that you review the costs associated with different personal training sessions. For example, we offer 12 sessions over the course of three months for $319, 24 sessions over the course of three months for $619, and so forth. It’s important that your personal trainer’s rates fit your budget–even if that means making a few changes to your spending habits.

4. Qualifications

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a personal trainer is that you’re working with someone who has extensive knowledge of safe and effective practices. There’s no point in hiring a personal trainer that isn’t qualified in tangible and specific ways.

Make sure that your personal trainer has received both educational and practical fitness training. All of our personal trainers are either exercise physiologists or certified personal trainers. They all hold nationally accredited certifications combined with extensive experience providing hands-on assistance and guidance to clients.

5. Expertise

Here’s where your own preferences and needs really come into play. You may have a general idea of your fitness goals or you may have a very specific plan for what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Take some time to brainstorm or write down your goals and the types of exercise (ie a cardio-heavy routine vs a larger focus on weight lifting) you want to try. 

This makes it easier to find the right personal trainer for you. While any good personal trainer has a generalized knowledge of all things fitness-related, they tend to also have a specific area of expertise. This expertise is usually informed by their training as well as their personal training experience, both things you should feel welcome to inquire about.

6. Personality

When reviewing their options for trainers, people tend to underestimate the importance of personality. Admittedly, you may not get a good sense of your personal trainer’s personality until you have your first session with them. Still, you should feel comfortable making a change if your trainer’s personality doesn’t mesh with yours.

Ultimately, a good personal trainer is going to push you out of your comfort zone. However, how they go about doing it and the attitude they have during your workout matters. Some people prefer a heavy dose of positive support while others prefer a tough-love approach and it’s all about knowing what works for you.

7. Exercise Philosophy

Expertise, personality, and exercise philosophy all go hand in hand. It’s easy to confuse exercise philosophy with personality, but they’re not quite the same thing. By reading online reviews and asking different personal trainers questions before signing up, you can start to learn more about their exercise philosophy.

Do they prefer to have their clients focus on one specific thing until it’s mastered? Do they prefer to change things up throughout the month to keep things fresh and exciting? What do they hope to teach their clients and how do they intend to pass on that knowledge?

8. Risk Assessment

One of the biggest jobs a personal trainer has is keeping clients safe. They can only do this by learning more about each client’s health history, potential risk factors, and physical needs.

If you find that your personal trainer is taking a one-size-fits-all approach and pushing you to perform tasks that aren’t safe for your body, it’s time to stop. Talk to us, instead, and find a personal trainer that will always take risk assessment into consideration.

Be Selective When Choosing a Personal Trainer

People often assume that any personal trainer can help them achieve their health and fitness goals. The truth is that you want to approach choosing a personal trainer with several considerations in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or do a little digging to find out if a personal trainer checks your boxes.

Want to know more about one of our personal trainers? Have you found a match and want to get started? Contact us today.

beginner yoga mistakes

Yoga is a wonderful practice that comes with many benefits for your body and mind – if done correctly. 

It can help you destress, reduce inflammation, help with chronic pain, and improve your sleep. These are just a few of the many advantages that a yoga practice can have on your mental and physical well-being. However, you can only really reap the benefits of yoga if you’re practicing the right way.

If you’re thinking about starting a yoga practice, there are some common beginner yoga mistakes that you should know about. 

Keep reading to learn about eight beginner yoga mistakes and how you can avoid them!

1. Holding Your Breath

Focusing on your breathing is one of the most important parts of yoga practice. 

Many beginners are so preoccupied with trying to nail a pose that they completely forget to breathe. While yoga is about the physical movement of your body, it is also about connecting to your mental and spiritual self. Paying attention to your breath is the best way to bring yourself to the present moment and connect to yourself. 

If you are taking yoga classes, a skilled yoga teacher will pick up on your lack of breathing and remind you to do so. 

2. Overexerting Yourself 

If you’re a yoga newbie, you probably want to get in the yoga studio and keep up with the teacher and the other seasoned yogis. But yoga isn’t about that. It is a deeply personal practice that will look very different for everyone. 

When you are first starting out it may be tempting to push your body and overexert yourself to try to nail every pose. 

Instead, you must honor your body and respect its limits. Not only does pushing yourself too hard go against the purpose of yoga, but it can also cause injuries

3. Yoga on a Full Stomach 

This is another common mistake that beginner yogis make. A full stomach can affect your metabolism and leave you feeling bloated. It can also affect your practice and your stamina. 

Before a yoga class, eat a light and healthy snack instead to give you fuel for a productive practice but avoid bloating. 

4. Limiting Yourself to Advanced Yoga Positions 

There are many different types of yoga and a multitude of poses. Each type of yoga comes with its own set of poses, some of which are more or less advanced. 

Many beginners often want to breeze through the basic poses and skip straight to the more advanced poses. But yoga is about the journey, not the destination. 

Focusing on the basic and beginner poses helps you build a foundation and strength in your mind and body. This will be the foundation upon which you can slowly build up to more advanced poses when your body is ready.

Additionally, trying out advanced poses too hastily can lead to injury. If you haven’t practiced yoga before, you can be more prone to injury if you don’t move through the basic movements first. 

5. Comparing Your Practice with Other Yogis

This is a very common mistake and it can be detrimental to your practice. As previously mentioned, yoga is a personal practice. Your progress is yours and shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s. 

When you’re sweating bullets trying to hit that pose, it’s common to look over at your neighbor and envy their effortless posture. But staying within and focusing on your own mind and body is how you can make your own progress with yoga. 

Instead, if you look to your neighbor, ground yourself and wish them well in your heart and mind. 

6. Forgetting Your Alignment 

Alignment is one of the most important facets of your yoga practice. 

It might surprise you to know that alignment doesn’t look the same for everyone for each yoga pose. There are modifications and variations depending on your body type, flexibility, strength, and range of motion. 

Some people will need props, some will need adjustments, but it is important to know what alignment is right for you. 

As a beginner, it may be beneficial for you to take private yoga classes to personalize your practice. This can help you understand the alignment that suits your particular body. 

7. Placing Your Mat in the Front Row 

As a good yoga student, you grab your mat for yoga and hit the front row to soak up the teacher’s knowledge. You think that as if by proxy you will be able to absorb their flexibility and technique. 

In fact, as a beginner, you should stick to the back of the class instead.

This will help you be able to see what the class is doing. Instead of trying to find the teacher from an awkward pose, you have the view of many more people to help you. 

8. Avoiding Props

Some people think that using props is cheating in yoga. This is simply not true. Props are wonderful tools to use in your yoga practice to help you with each pose. 

As previously mentioned, alignment will look different for everyone and props can help you achieve the alignment right for your body. Props can also help with pain and discomfort. 

Grab a prop for a more mindful practice. 

Avoiding These Beginner Yoga Mistakes 

Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all type of practice. It’s fun, meditative, therapeutic, and even silly at times. Although yoga will look different for every individual, these common beginner yoga mistakes are best to avoid if you want to get the most out of your practice. 

Be sure to breathe, respect your body’s limits, practice foundational poses, focus on your own body, and sit in the back of the class. Remember to have fun with your practice and appreciate your body for all it does for you!

For a full range of classes and services, visit our website or drop into one of our two convenient locations. 

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Massage therapy is a great way to help treat a variety of health issues, including anxiety, nerve pain, soft tissue injuries, and fitness injuries. However, to get the most out of your massage, you want to be sure you find a high-quality massage therapist.

Do you need help finding the best massage therapist for your needs? Keep reading this article for questions you should ask your massage therapist before receiving treatment.

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

An important question that you can ask your massage therapist to improve your massage education is what you can expect from your massage therapy treatment. This can help eliminate any potential stress or anxiety that you feel.

For example, some people do not know that it is normal to have occasional bruising after your treatment, as long as it is not excessive.

The increased circulation that you have after a massage may even lead to a headache. By asking your massage therapist about what you can expect, you will not worry about these small side effects.

How Should I Prepare for Treatment?

Ask your massage therapist what you can do to properly prepare for your treatment.

First, you want to make sure you are hydrated. By drinking a lot of water, your body will be able to eliminate toxins more easily during your treatment.

Take a hot shower before your massage. This can help relax your muscles to give you the best results possible. Some massage therapists also have a sauna or steam room that you can use before your massage that will provide the same benefits.

Finally, arrive at your appointment on time. This will allow you to get signed in, use the bathroom, and fill out any health records that your massage therapist needs from you.

There are also some things that you should avoid before getting a massage. These include sunbathing and drinking alcohol.

What Types of Massages Do You Specialize In?

Ask your massage therapist what types of massage they specialize in. Each type of massage will have different benefits, so you want to be sure you are getting the services that will benefit you most.

For example, you may just want a relaxation massage. Any massage therapist can provide this service, as it simply aims to help you relax your body.

However, if you need more specialized massages, like a sports massage or a deep tissue massage, you will want to be sure they have plenty of expertise offering these services.

Will a Massage Make My Injuries Worse?

If you are visiting a massage therapist to help with an injury, it can be helpful to ask if your massage will make your injuries worse. While many health issues can be treated with a massage, others may worsen.

Talk to your massage therapist about what kind of injury you have so they can help you find the best massage treatment options for you.

Even if you have an injury, your massage therapist may be able to work around this. You can still enjoy a relaxing massage without the worry that your injury will get worse.

However, it is important to realize that you should always stay home from a massage if you are sick. First, you will be in close quarters with your massage therapist and may pass your illness to them.

Additionally, getting a massage in the early stages of your sickness may make your symptoms worse.

How Can We Improve Communication?

Establishing good communication with your massage therapist is key to getting the most out of the treatment. Asking about ways that you can give feedback or ask for adjustments to your treatment is vital to maintaining a good relationship.

For example, if you feel like the massage pressure is too hard or too soft for you, you should be able to ask them to adjust the pressure to help make the massage more enjoyable.

When you learn to communicate your preferences and needs more effectively, you’ll have a greater experience.

Are You Properly Qualified and Licensed?

Finally, you want to be sure you are meeting with a massage therapist that has the proper education, licensing, and certifications. One way you can do this is by asking your massage therapist what massage program they completed.

It is vital that you only work with a licensed massage therapist. This shows that they have passed the requirements necessary to practice massage therapy in your state.

Understanding more about your massage therapist’s education and licensing can help you feel more comfortable while you are getting your massage.

How Long Have You Been Practicing?

You should find a massage therapist that has plenty of experience. To learn more about their experience, ask them how long they have been professionally practicing the different types of massage services they offer.

The more experience your massage therapist has, the better your experience with them will be.

Get the Healing Touch of a Top Massage Therapist!

Finding a massage therapist you can trust is a great way to improve your fitness and other aspects of your health.

However, it may seem intimidating to work with a new massage therapist or to get your first treatment. By asking your massage therapist each of these questions, you can better prepare for your treatment.

Are you looking for a reliable massage therapist that offers mobility help? VIM Fitness can help! We are a gym that offers everything from massage treatment to group classes to corporate wellness.

Check out our blog today to learn more about our massage therapy services or to get other fitness tips to improve your health.


Getting into great shape comes with a large number of benefits. Not only will you establish a healthier lifestyle, but there’s also psychological proof that looking good improves your mental state. When beginning your fitness journey, it can be difficult to choose between personal training and group classes. The good news, though, is that it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer is relatively commonplace. For some reason, however, can also be intimidating for many people.

Regardless, there are certain attributes that you should consider before deciding whether or not it’s right for you. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable benefits and drawbacks.


One of the primary pros of working with a personal trainer is the fact that you will be able to have all of the attention focused on you. As you might guess, this can help prevent mistakes, optimize your training progress, etc.

Those who have special training requirements (such as training around old injuries) will also have the benefit from working with a personal trainer.

Since your trainer will guide you through your journey, you can also decide how quickly you would like to scale your progress. Not everybody has the time or mental energy to give 100% in the gym during each session.

Some people simply want to slowly lose weight or build muscle over time. This allows for much greater flexibility in terms of how they manage the rest of their lifestyle.

Something else to consider is the fact that a trainer will help you target weaknesses that you may have.

Most people have certain muscle groups that grow faster than others. In context, this means that it might be relatively easy for you to build up your arms but your legs may take a bit more work.

Your trainer will immediately recognize problem areas and come up with a plan to help you fix them.

It’s also worth acknowledging that you will be able to develop an ongoing relationship with your trainer. As you get more comfortable, you might even find that your training sessions become therapeutic.

If you find that you need help with recovery, they could also help you implement mobility routines or recommend a massage therapist.


There aren’t too many drawbacks to working with a personal trainer. The primary one that most people are deterred by is the price.

Depending on who you work with and what gym you train at, personal training costs can quickly add up. The good news is that it’s possible to find high-quality personal trainers at a reasonable price.

Some people are also intimidated by the fact that all of the pressure is put on them. If they don’t perform as intended, or if they aren’t making progress quickly enough, they may begin to feel guilty.

For those who enjoy working out with their friends, personal training prevents you from doing so under most circumstances. So, there’s a chance that you may not find training as enjoyable as you could.

Group Classes

Group classes are fairly diverse and aren’t limited to a certain demographic. In fact, there are group classes available for virtually everyone.

Let’s explore what you need to know about them.


Most people are drawn to group classes due to the fun, energetic environment. It’s not hard to see why this form of training is often more enjoyable than working out by yourself.

It’s also very music-centric. You will likely be working out to high-energy, upbeat tracks that help keep you focused and motivated.

For those who have a love for music (especially while working out), you’re more likely to feel like you’re on a playground than in a gym.

Classes are also great ways to meet people.

For example, let’s assume that you just moved to a new city. Outside of work, it can be difficult to develop new contacts.

Since group classes are such a social environment, many people go there with the intent to make friends.

As you might guess, group classes are also ideal for corporate wellness sessions.

Above all else, group classes are a great way that you can help relieve stress. So, consider them as a way to unwind after a hard day/week at work


Since the progression of the group classes will depend on the group as a whole, you may find that you aren’t moving at the ideal speed. So, you may begin to feel as though you are falling short of your goals.

In contrast, you may even feel that the class is progressing too quickly.

Those who are less experienced with their training also run the risk of developing bad habits. This is simply due to the fact that the class instructor may not always be able to discern improper form.

Finally, participants who are not mentally primed to take a group class may not be able to keep up. This is especially true for advanced classes, which can be notably strenuous.

Which Fitness Path Is Right for You?

For those who would like to optimize their progress or are unfamiliar with fitness routines, personal training is the route you should take. For those who enjoy the company of others or would prefer to perform aerobics-based workouts, group training is best.

The above information will help ensure that you choose the ideal option for your situation. From here, you’ll be able to optimize the progress you make.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to get in touch with us today and see how we can help.

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Thanks to Elle Woods, it has become well-known that “exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands…” This thought may have worked for a while, but 20 years later the motivation to exercise may be dwindling.

We all know that it’s good for us, we hear it all the time! But easier said than done. When you’d rather go back to bed or spend the day in front of the TV, how do you find the motivation to exercise?

Benefits of Exercising

Other than the obvious benefit of shedding those few extra pounds, exercise has numerous psychological benefits as well. Reduced anxiety and depression, stress management, and a sharper memory are all added advantages.

You don’t have to run a marathon to reap these mental and physical benefits. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is enough to get your blood pumping.

Probably the biggest perk of all is the feeling of accomplishment and well-being. It’s a great way to improve your mood naturally and give that little energy boost we could all use.

Tips for Motivation to Exercise

Life is busy and it can be easy to find an excuse not to work out. You’ve got to make up your mind that you want to do it and these ideas can help:

  • Personal Accountability
  • Find a work-out buddy
  • Get some new workout gear
  • Take a group fitness class
  • Personal training
  • Reward System

Personal Accountability

Setting aside a specific time each day for physical exercise is a great start. If it’s in your calendar, there is a greater chance that you will follow through.

Look at your workout as a goal for the day and write it down! Studies show that both men and women performed better and were more likely to achieve their goals when they were written down.

Don’t just squeeze it in your calendar either. Make it exciting! Circle it, highlight it, make it stand out from your other tasks. Remember, this is a great mental break for your day that can help you perform your other tasks better.

Two is Better Than One

Working out with a friend is a great way to ensure you get that sweat session in. Accountability can help create that needed motivation that you may not have otherwise.

Gym meet-ups are the new happy hour. Set aside a time to hit the gym with your bestie and tackle that workout together. Try out a group fitness class and learn something new!

Try New Fitness Gear

When you look good, you feel good…but it’s really more than that. Having the proper exercise attire can improve your overall performance and help you out in the long run.

Good-quality sneakers and proper-fitting, breathable clothing are a great start. Don’t go out and spend a fortune on name-brand items, but don’t settle for the cheapest articles either if they aren’t going to last. Consider this purchase an investment in your fitness journey.

Group Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are a great way to shake up the mundane. At Fitness CF we have several different class options to meet your fitness level and your schedule.

From Zumba and spinning to pilates and yoga, you are sure to find the perfect workout class! Our certified instructors will help give you the encouragement to get through the class and finish strong – even if you’ve never participated before.

CF Fitness Class Options

CF Fitness has several health clubs located in central Florida, each with its own class schedule to meet your needs. These include both high and low-impact fitness classes, as well as the Silver Sneakers program for seniors.

Classes include LesMills BodyAttack, BodyCombat, BodyFlow, BodyPump, BodyStep, Core, Sprint, Sh’Bam, BodyJam and RPM. Plus, Cycle, 20/20/20 Action, Yoga, Pilates Mat, Power Yoga, Strong, Zumba, Barre, Flex, Kickboxing, TRX Suspension Training, Step Aerobics, Creative Conditioning, Barre, XCO Latin Workout, Hot Yoga, HEAT, Yogalates and DAP.

Personal Training

If you don’t know where exactly to start, personal training might be the perfect place. This one-on-one approach is tailored to your body and your goals. Regardless of your age or stage of fitness, this option can get you headed in the right direction.

Small personal training classes of 6 people or less are also available. This option gives you the focused attention of a trainer, while still maintaining a down-sized feel of group fitness.

Reward Yourself

It may come across as childish, but providing incentives to complete tasks is scientifically proven to work! Believe it or not, there is an actual reward pathway to the brain. The mesolimbic dopamine system is the “key detector of a rewarding stimulus”.

Our body’s natural response to rewards will flag that pathway and say, “Hey, we liked that. Let’s do it again!”

The rewards don’t have to be anything major – something as simple as throwing in a five-dollar bill every time you complete a fitness class. Once you save up $100 you can treat yourself to something you really enjoy!

Join Us at VIM Fitness

VIM Fitness has all of the tools you need to bring back that motivation to exercise. Try out a fitness class, talk to a personal trainer and learn how we can help you out.

Our trainers and coaches can set help get you on the path to achieving your fitness goals. Contact us today with any questions or swing by one of our locations. We can’t wait to see you!

personal trainer

During 2019, there was a total of over 300,000 personal trainers within the US alone. All of these PTs have been trained and educated in the personal fitness field.

Personal trainers are not just random fitness fanatics who have walked off the street. They have studied and completed exams to become accredited personals trainers. 

Due to this training, there is a vast range of benefits which they can offer you. We have gathered some of the top benefits why using a personal trainer can add to your workout regime.

1. Hire a Personal Trainer to Perfect Your Form

Choosing personal training will not only help you succeed but also lower the risks of injury. PTs have gone through special education to learn everything about the human body.

If you are working out on your own, you may not realize you are doing something wrong. When it comes to your form and posture, the slightest mistake could cause some serious harm. 

A PT will be able to tweak and adjust your form to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout. They will also help you remain as safe as you can during the workout. 

2. Hire Someone Who Can Cover All Aspects

One of the benefits of personal training is that PTs have been trained in all aspects of health and fitness. By working closely with a personal trainer, they will be able to teach you what is actually happening. 

The internet may have the most extensive range of information available on all subjects but a PT will know the difference between what information is helpful and what is harmful. 

The main problem with searching the internet for advice is that it makes it sound so easy for everyone to follow but due to the fact that everyone is different, this may not be the case.  

3. Every Body Is Different

Each of our bodies will be different from those we see around in the gym. The basics may be the same, but a personal trainer will understand the subtle differences.

People will have different abilities from others. This means that you could potentially hurt yourself trying to mimic someone else. Each body will have additional requirements to succeed. 

Some of us may have been injured previously, which requires a particular type of training. If you attempt something new with a previous injury, you could end up causing yourself harm. 

4. Focus On the Long and Short Term Goals

Another fantastic benefit of having a personal trainer is that they will stick with you. No matter your reason for joining a gym, your PT will help you hit all your goals.

Do you have a short-term goal, such as running a marathon or a long-term goal of hitting a certain weight? If so, personal trainers can help you achieve both. 

Once you tell them what your goals are, they will create a personalized workout regime to help you get there. These workouts might include training muscles you may not even know you had.

5. Gain the Challenge You Need to Succeed

When you are running solo through a workout routine, you may find yourself growing bored. This means you may have risen to a level where you don’t see the workout as a challenge anymore. 

This is another of the personal trainer benefits. They will progress you through different levels. They will consistently create a challenge to push your body through to success.

It may turn out that your current workout schedule only needs minor changes. Gaining a fresh pair of eyes could be all you need to create that challenge. They will also push you further past your limits than you would on your own. 

6. A Personal Trainer Will Keep You Motivated

Most of us will have had days when we wake up for the gym at stupid o’clock in the morning. How many have been guilty of turning the alarm off and going back to bed? I know I have.

This is one of the motivational personal training benefits. If you wake up for an early morning session and decide not to attend, your PT will not be happy with you. They will motivate you to participate in every session you book with them.

Finding the right personal trainer to help motivate you shouldn’t be a difficult task. Once you do find the right PT, you will start to reach new potentials with your workout.

7. A Personal Trainer Can Advise on Nutrition

Another of the best benefits of having a personal trainer is, they don’t simply focus on your workout. To become a qualified personal trainer, they will have completed a course on nutrition. 

Together, you will create a nutrition plan so you can work on your fitness outside the gym as well. The food you eat will have a drastic impact on the overall health of your body. 

If you stick to the nutrition plan the PT provides you, you will find both your body and even your mind improving. Personal trainers aren’t solely for gaining muscles. 

Get Help Getting the Body You Want

Taking the step towards hiring a personal trainer might be the best choice you have ever made. Deciding wether you want a healthier body could only be half the battle. 

If you aren’t finding your workouts to be challenging, you may be hindering your progression. Use a PT to help push you towards gaining your perfect body. 

If you live in and around the Boston area, why not drop us a message to see how our personal trainers can help you. We can help you mold your body into the one you have always wanted.

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