healthy halloween

It’s Hallo-weekend! And you know what that means: SWEETS!

Don’t let the onslaught of chocolate bars, candy corn, and empty calories catch you off guard.

Here are a few tips on how to have a healthier Halloween, without missing out on all the tricks and treats!

  1. Eat before you (trick or) treat:

This is a good idea whether you’re spending an evening trick-or-treating with your loved ones or having a fun night out. Fill up on a healthy, balanced meal made with veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. The protein and fiber in your meal will make you more satisfied and less likely to indulge in the sugary temptations.

  1. Tuck your candy out of plain sight:

We know the pre-Halloween candy sales are scary tempting. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, hide the treats in the back of your pantry, and hold off on opening them till right before the trick-or-treaters get there.

  1. Have healthier snacks on hand:

Be different! Stock up on nontraditional snacks that are healthier and more balanced. Instead of sugary candy bars, fill your pantry (or party) with trail mix, cheese and crackers, fruit, pretzels, and other healthy snacks.

  1. Bottoms up (with your water bottle):

Staying well hydrated can help you control your sweet cravings. Try taking a sip of water after eating a candy, which will give your mouth a different taste so you’re not hunting for the next sugar fix. This also has the added benefit of rinsing down the sugar and protecting your teeth.

  1. Be picky with your sweets:

Don’t settle for whatever is on the table. If you’re going to satisfy your sweet cravings, go for treats that’ll actually leave you satisfied. If you’re craving chocolate, choose a high quality dark chocolate instead of a candy bar. If you can’t stop eating the candy corn once you start, just don’t start! Also, remember to pick small (fun-size) candies so you’re not tempted by the king size candies!

  1. Track your treats:

It’s so easy to get your share of empty calories from candy bars and lollipops without even realizing it. Those mini, snack-sized bars may not seem like much, but the calories, fat, and sugar can quickly add up to a full-sized candy bar. Take a tally on paper, on your phone, or even on your arm! You can also hold onto your candy bar wrappers, because no one wants to carry around a huge wad of trash!

  1. Let yourself celebrate!

If you make healthy eating a habit, a day (or two!) of overindulgence is perfectly acceptable. Halloween happens just once a year, and you should be able to celebrate it without guilt. Give yourself a deadline for when the celebration is over, then plan to get back on track by cooking a nutritious meal or getting a good workout in. Maybe schedule your next session with your trainer for the day after festivities end! Remember that your overall health and happiness rests on more than just a few days.