stress-free thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here!

For some this might bring a fun time of family, friends, and good food. For others, it might be a reminder of all the stressful cooking and hosting that needs to be done!

This year, let’s skip the unnecessary worries and make this a healthy, fun holiday season.

  1. Prep other meals ahead of time
    If you have family staying over after the big holiday dinner, it helps to make quiches, bread or other easy meals in advance. You can freeze them so they’ll be ready to heat up in the oven or microwave for a quick brunch or lunch. After Thanksgiving dinner, it may be helpful to have a long break from cooking!
  2. You don’t have to do everything yourself.
    Not everything has to be homemade. It’s ok to accept help! That includes not only from other family members, but from the grocery store, too. Grab a couple ready-to-serve appetizers, like vegetable crudités, shrimp platters, olives and freshly baked bread… that way you can spend more time relaxing with family and friends.
  3. Make it fun.
    Invite your friends over with their ugliest sweaters to help with the baking. Spending time with friends or family during the process can put everyone in a better mood. It may also bring out your competitive side. Put out board games or a deck of cards right next to the cheese plate. It’ll keep everyone occupied and having fun while everything’s still in the oven.
  4. Don’t sweat the mess.
    There will be spills, slips, and falls throughout the day. Things will get burned. Thanksgiving is about being with everyone, so I try not to let the small stuff bother you!
  5. Love your leftovers.
    When you make a truly great meal, you don’t even need to make a sandwich with the leftovers the next day. (Or you could, it is quite yummy!) Just mix it all together: some twice-baked sweet potatoes, some cranberries, some turkey or another plant-based main. Heat it up and it’s perfect!