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You’ve just joined a gym and made a list of your fitness related goals.

Awesome! You’re off to a good start!

But how do you achieve those goals? If you haven’t a clue, you’re not alone!

Enter Personal Trainers. They are certified professionals who can help you get from point A to point B on your journey to fitness.

Wondering if investing in one is the right decision for you? Read on…

8 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer:

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY – Scheduling specific appointments to workout with your trainer will help to ensure you actually go to the gym. Knowing that someone is there awaiting your arrival sure does make it harder to hit that snooze button amiright?! Plus, you’ve already paid for the session, so if you miss it, that’s your hard earned cash down the drain.
  2. GOAL SETTING –  Your trainer will work with you to set specific, measurable, and realistic short-term and long-term goals. Remember that results are not immediate. Getting in shape takes time, perseverance, and patience! Don’t expect to have six pack abs in a month – consistency is key!
  3. PERSONALIZED WORKOUTS – Remember those goals? Your trainer will create for you a personalized workout plan to achieve those goals. To create that plan, your trainer will take into account your current fitness level, your workout preferences, and any injuries or medical conditions that affect your workout.
  4. REDUCED RISK OF INJURY – A trainer will teach you the proper form for the exercises in your plan, and can correct your alignment or technique in real time to prevent injury from occurring. Pain in your shoulder? A trainer will know that it’s not a good time for military presses.
  5. MOTIVATION – We all tend to work a little harder when someone is watching us. Having a trainer who is there just for you, cheering you on, really makes a difference and will help you achieve that last rep you didn’t think you had in you!
  6. VARIETY – Personal trainers are awesome at changing up your workouts to avoid boredom and keep you on your toes. Combining different workout styles, like free weights, machines, body weight exercises, etc., and increasing intensity over time, will help you avoid those nagging plateaus.
  7. CONFIDENCE BOOST – After working with a trainer, you’ll have a plethora of workout knowledge and the confidence to show up and do it on your own. That gym-timidation you used to feel will be no more!
  8. FUN! – Hire a personal trainer with a personality that meshes well with yours. A good trainer can make your workout challenging AND fun, so you’ll actually look forward to your sweat sessions!
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    1. Eli Richardson
      Eli Richardson says:

      I’m glad you talked about how a personal trainer can create personalized workouts for you, helping you achieve your goals. I’m thinking about how hiring a trainer could be a good idea. I like to workout, but I’m getting tired of doing the same every day. And I want a plan that can help me grow some muscular mass. I’ll definitely think about getting a personal trainer. Thanks for your information about how by going with a professional coach, they will consider your level, preferences, and if you have any injuries when making you a customized exercise routine.

    2. Charlotte Fleet
      Charlotte Fleet says:

      My mom told me that she is thinking about hiring a personal trainer to help her get in shape. I like what you said about personal trainers creating personalized workouts for your exact fitness needs and medical conditions. I will be sure to help my mom find a reputable personal trainer that will make workout plans that are specific to my mom’s needs and goals.

    3. Nelson Fogerty
      Nelson Fogerty says:

      It’s great that you mention that a personal trainer can help give you the motivation necessary to reach your fitness goals. I want to lose 15 pounds this year, so I’m thinking about hiring a personal trainer. I’m going to look for a reputable personal trainer that I can hire.


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