DNA sweet tooth

If since your early days, you’ve found yourself drawn to sweets, your DNA may be behind it.

(I personally, didn’t need a DNA test for this one, everyone in my family knows I’m a chocoholic!)

Ignoring these cravings and blaming your lack of self-control is likely not the answer.

So what is?

It could be that you have a FGF21 gene variant. A study published in Cell Metabolism shows that if you have a variant of this gene, you are 20% more likely to enjoy and seek out sugary substances.

You may not be a “super-taster.” Other research has shown that some people (25% of the population) are what are called “super-tasters,” and these people are extremely sensitive to bitter foods. Super-tasters are more sensitive to bitter tastes simply because they have more taste papillae and taste receptors on their tongues that make them more sensitive to bitter tastes. They’re also more sensitive to sweet, salty and umami tastes, but to a lesser extent. They tend to have a reduced preference for sweet and high fat foods. (Super-tasters also tend to consume more salt then non-tasters because salt masks bitter flavors.)

But don’t get down! Remember, it’s always possible to learn to like healthier, less sugary sweets, even if you have a deep-rooted sweet tooth – no matter what kind of taster you are! Super-tasters, non-tasters and everyone in between have one thing in common; their taste buds regenerate in about 10 days. So if you notice sugar cravings start to subside after a few weeks on a whole-foods diet, this could be why!

The great news is that none of us are doomed by our sweet- tooth genetics. By eating a diet rich in plant-based foods and opt for naturally sweet foods instead of those with added sugars, you’ll soon find your sweet cravings subside!

Blog post written by Trainer, Sarah Oliver

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