starbucks protein box

The Starbucks Protein Boxes are convenient and easy meal options that you can buy and take on-the-go.

They often have over 20 grams of protein to help keep you satisfied on your busy day, but their high protein comes at a high cost. I am a huge fan of Starbucks, but I must admit, I cannot afford to eat or drink there daily!

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to mimic a Starbucks protein box at home!

This copycat box is convenient, tasty, and best of all, EASY! Snack boxes are great because they offer many different flavors and textures in a fun delivery, and they also offer a full range of nutrient groups (protein, fiber, fruits, vitamins, etc.). They are perfect for young eaters who love the novelty of a snack box, as well as adults who enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of a high protein lunch!

For this particular snack box, the ingredients are:

  • • Sliced cheese, cheese stick or a Babybel
  • • Apple or other fruit
  • • Pita bread or other whole grain crackers
  • • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • • 2 Tbsp. peanut butter

That’s it! Pretty simple, and you likely already have most of the ingredients.

You could also swap out the apple for sliced peppers and carrots, the eggs for nuts, the pita for a whole grain cereal and the cheese for chopped chicken or tofu. The simple dividers of the box means you can combine essentially anything! If you don’t have a divided lunch container like this, you can also just use a series of small Tupperware. There will be more dishes to wash, but you still get to enjoy a healthy assortment of snacks. What would you put in your box? Let us know in the comments!

Blog post written by Trainer, Sarah Oliver

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