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About half of American adults plan to abandon their diets around the holidays. Another 41% use the holidays as an excuse to postpone living a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to abandon your workout or wellness regimen during the holidays, though!

Instead, use these five holiday workout tips to stick with your fitness goals this season. 

With these tips, you can keep your health and fitness goals intact while enjoying the holiday season. It’s normal to give in to party-going, feasting, and shopping at the end of the year. The festivities don’t have to impact your health, though.

Instead, learn how to stick with your workout schedule using these five simple tips today. 

1. Develop a Schedule

Before the holiday season begins, sit down and start planning your workouts. Try to plan about a week’s worth of workouts. You can plan for more depending on the duration of your trip. 

Planning your workouts ahead of time can help you make a holiday workout game plan. You can have visual proof of your plans, too. Documenting your plans will serve as a visual reminder once your vacation begins.

Writing workouts into your schedule can help you recognize you’ve blocked out time for your workouts. Then, you can set out to actually do them.

Consider adding each workout as a calendar reminder on your phone. Then, set an alarm 15 minutes before each workout. 

As you begin scheduling out your workouts, try to remain flexible. Think about different times or days of the week you can dedicate to working out. If you have specific plans for the holidays, review your itinerary, too.

For example, you might find it difficult to work out if you’re planning on visiting family. Schedule your workouts first thing in the morning. If any random plans pop up, you won’t have to worry.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve already completed your fitness regimen for the day.

Have a backup plan in mind for your busier days, too. 

2. Exercise First

Taking a week or two off from exercise could erase months of favorable metabolic gains. In fact, gaining just 1% of your body weight could lead to serious complications. 

After all, low levels of fitness and physical activity are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The best way to avoid skipping your workouts is to complete them first thing in the morning. Remember, you won’t have to worry about unforeseen interruptions impacting your workout regimen. You might have more willpower to complete your workout first thing in the morning, too. 

Dedicate about 20 to 30 minutes of your morning to exercising. An early workout might even help you fight food cravings throughout the day.

Exercising first will also help you earn your calories. You won’t have to feel as guilty about indulging if you’ve already worked out. 

3. Find a Partner

As you begin using these fitness tips, remember: you don’t have to go it alone. Instead, consider recruiting an exercise buddy. Partnering up with someone could help keep you motivated.

Ask friends or family members to attend group classes with you. Working out together could make it more enjoyable. It’s also a productive way to spend time together (especially if you plan on relaxing later).

If you can’t find someone who wants to work out with you, that’s okay. Instead, ask someone to hold you accountable. Have them check in with you once or twice a day.

Having someone hold you accountable could help you avoid skipping a fitness season.

Otherwise, head online or visit the gym to find someone who can hold you accountable. Check social media, too. You’ll find plenty of workout challenges and support networks online you can utilize. 

Don’t forget to check fitness-oriented forums or apps like MyFitnessPal or FitBit, too. 

4. Look for Seasonal Offerings

The average American gains about 10 pounds during December festivities.

Remember, the holiday festivities don’t have to impact your fitness goals this year. Instead, use them to your advantage. 

There are plenty of seasonal promotions available that can help you remain on track during the holiday season. Keep an eye out for specials on class packages, monthly rates, and membership fees. If you plan on working out with a friend, look into coupons for group classes, too.

Whether you’re staying in town or visiting family for the holiday season, research local fitness centers. See if any of them are offering free trial periods you can use during the holidays. You can remain on track with your fitness goals and get the chance to explore a new gym.

Look into each facility’s classes, services, and amenities, too. Exploring new services like a sauna or massage therapist will make it feel like a treat!

5. Plan for Travel

Do you plan on traveling during the holiday season? Make sure you have an easy, convenient workout routine you can utilize. 

You don’t have to match the intensity of your usual workout routine, especially on the day you’re traveling. Instead, pick three to five exercises you can complete without equipment. Choose exercises you can complete in small spaces, too. 

For example, you might consider:

  • Push-ups
  • One-legged balance stands
  • Walking lunges
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Supermans

Try completing one to three circuits. You can get a little cardiovascular workout to maintain your endurance and muscular strength.

Otherwise, try squeezing mini-workouts into your day.

Short bursts of activity throughout the day can help you maintain your weight and fitness levels. Try walking as much as you can, too. Keep moving to remain active, especially if you have a long day of sitting around ahead! 

Get Pumping: 5 Tips to Help You Stick With Your Holiday Workout

Maintaining your health and fitness regimen during the holiday season shouldn’t feel stressful. Instead, enjoy the season with these five holiday workout tips. With these tips, you can remain active and deck the halls!

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