August 2017 - VIM | Fitness


25 Aug
Healthy Food On A Budget

see url I’m sure you all have heard recent articles and published statistics about the absurd amount millennials shell out each week to eat their beloved avocado toast. Hey, I’m one of them! Avocados are full of healthy fats, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to make your skin and hair healthier, protect you from cancer, and aid

18 Aug
Vegetarian Protein

by VIM Trainer: Sarah Oliver One of my carnivorous friends has decided he is giving up meat for lent. After I got over my shock, I was pumped! Everything I’ve done and said in the past about plant-based diets he has ignored. I’m trying not to talk about how excited I am for him because

15 Aug
Kettlebell Series: Russian Swing

Want more variation in your workout? Exercises performed with kettlebells are a great way to shock your muscles into growth while improving power and explosiveness from the ground up! Check out VIM’s Kettlebell Video Series – Each week we’ll post a video demonstrating a new kettlebell move. First up, Russian Swing!

14 Aug

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