March 2018 - VIM | Fitness

Building A Healthier Easter Basket

23 Mar
Perfect Weekend Pancakes

see This easy, whole grain pancake recipe is perfect after sleeping in on the weekends, or even just making in the morning because you have an extra 20 minutes. You don’t need a reason to make these, especially since all the ingredients are wholesome, and already in your pantry! So what are you waiting for? Pancakes

09 Mar
GREEN St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Hosting a Saint Patrick’s day party but don’t know what to make? Forget the green store-bought cookies, with all these options, you can’t go wrong with a homemade feast! These recipes are all vegan and/or gluten free, and of course they’re GREEN. Each recipe comes from a food blog worth checking out, so don’t be

01 Mar
Dorm Inspired Recipes

Elaborate meals are great. They look good, they taste good… but unfortunately, they’re not a sustainable reality for most home-cooked dinners. Unless you have 6 hours to kill, you likely don’t have the time to make complicated dishes. Additionally, those rare, organic ingredients are pretty pricey, and require kitchen equipment and skills beyond that even