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The MIND Diet

29 Dec
The MIND Diet

Before you go considering what crazy diet to try this January, consider a new approach to wellness. This diet, called the MIND diet, combines 2 tried and true styles of eating that are proven to improve heart health, reduce hypertension and even decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s. The MIND diet will help you shed those

19 Dec
Holiday Hours

Wishing our members and staff a happy holiday season! Our Holiday Hours: Central Square: Dec.24 9am-4pm Dec.25 Closed Dec.26 8am-8pm Dec.31 9am-4pm Jan.1 9am-8pm University Park: Dec.24 10am-3pm Dec.25 Closed Dec.26 10am-3pm Dec.31 10am-3pm Jan.1 10am-5pm

15 Dec
Healthy Snacks While Traveling

The Holiday season is closing in, which means airplanes, long drives or perhaps even vacationing where the weather is warmer. No matter where you’re going, you can’t escape the literally sugar-coated temptations that surround you at every rest stop and gas station. When you’re traveling, it’s easy to go overboard on the processed junk simply

08 Dec
Don’t Fear the Tots!

In my opinion, I think potatoes get an unfairly bad rep. I love potatoes! In fact, I eat a sweet potato (or two) nearly every day. But this starchy vegetable is frequently assumed to be fattening. It is true that a diet full of french fried and mashed potatoes every day is not going to

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“I very much enjoyed my membership with VIM. I have to say that the highlight of my experience was personal training and small group training with Valerie. She was extremely committed to my success and helped me establish an effective goal plan. I saw incredible progress with her (I lost 10 pounds) and I am stronger, happier and healthier. I also really enjoyed her style for leading small group and yoga classes. It is clear she is passionate about this work and dedicated to her clients.”-Ani

— Ani

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