Like many businesses we were psyched to get commercial plates so that we could park in loading zones and avoid the musical chairs of city parking meters. That excitement turned when in a state inspection our car was deemed to have several thousand dollars worth of repairs. Sitting at the car dealership I came to the conclusion that this was the time to switch to Zipcar. I figured this decision was sound, it fit our triple bottom line paradigm; it was good for the environment as we could reduce our carbon footprint by utilizing public transportation and hauling supplies to and from each location by hand, it was good for the community as businesses like Zipcar with car sharing models deserve to be encouraged to expand by our spending vote, and it was good for VIM as it gave us more exercise and is significantly less expensive. It turns out that the unforeseen benefit is that Zipcar is really easy to use and we were able to set up a company account that allows employees to zip for less. I know I sound like a cheerleader and you’re thinking “did Zipcar pay them to say that?” We’re just so happy with the decision we want to encourage other businesses to do the same.

Thoughts from the founder,

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