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Studies show that 60% of people in the United States want to feel healthier. For many people, this may include losing weight and eating healthier. For others, it may be getting toned and building muscle. 

One way to help you reach these goals is by taking Pilates classes! These low-impact exercises can help you strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and more. 

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of adding a Pilates class to your workout regimen? Keep reading these top eight benefits of taking regular Pilates classes!

1. Builds Muscle

One of the primary benefits of adding Pilates to your workout regimen is that it helps you build muscle. Pilates classes can help you tone up your muscles, especially those in your core. 

Pilates focuses on improving your strength through muscle balance. It uses your own body weight for resistance and targets both small and large muscle groups. 

If you are looking for an exercise class to increase your muscle without creating bulk, Pilates is a great choice! These classes help you strengthen your deep core muscles, making your abdominal area look toned, without adding too much muscle. 

2. Increases Flexibility

Next, Pilates can help you increase your flexibility and mobility. Because you are using an increased range of motion throughout your Pilates classes, you will find that you are able to stretch out more easily. 

During your Pilates classes, you stretch your muscles and hold them in the end position. This means that you can increase your range of motion as you exercise. 

Pilates also focuses on lengthening and expanding the muscles. The idea is that this allows your muscles to become longer, leaner, and look more toned. 

3. Prevents Injuries

Not only do Pilates classes help you improve your strength and appearance, but they can also help you prevent injuries and even recover from injuries. As was mentioned before, Pilates can help you improve your flexibility and mobility. 

Because your muscles are able to move more easily, it reduces the chance of your injuring them as you workout. 

For example, many people do Pilates to ease their back pain and to prevent future back injuries This is because Pilates classes strengthen your core, which improves your posture and strengthens the muscles around your spine. 

4. Workouts for the Entire Body

Pilates is especially known to help you improve your posture and your core strength. As you continue to take your Pilates classes, you will notice more definition in your stomach as your core muscles strengthen.

This is because many movements that you do in Pilates require you to hold your torso in one spot while the rest of your body moves. 

This core stability is essential for your posture and helps you maintain the proper alignment in your spine and shoulders. 

5. Increases Stamina

If you are looking for ways to increase your stamina, taking a Pilates class can help! During a Pilates class, your instructor will have you focus on your breathing. This helps you learn how to utilize your lungs through each movement, making it easy to use your entire diaphragm. 

This way, you can increase your stamina and learn how to challenge your body. 

Plus, Pilates classes help you build muscle strength. With more muscle, you will be able to work out for longer!

6. Minimal Equipment

Something that makes Pilates a great option for many people is that it requires minimal equipment. You can even take virtual Pilates classes without having to go to a gym or an exercise class. 

Many pilates exercises simply require your own body weight. As you improve, you may want to add additional weights or resistance bands to your workout. 

Other types of equipment you can use for Pilates includes a balance ball, a mat, and even a foam roller. If you don’t want to purchase any equipment, you can take a Pilates class at a gym to have access to all of this equipment and more. 

7. Improves Mental Health

Similar to any type of exercise, Pilates classes can help you improve your mental health. In Pilates, there is a great focus on breathing throughout your exercises. This can help you deepen your stretching, but it can also lessen your stress and reduce your blood pressure. 

This deep breathing can even encourage better blood flow and can help you sleep better at night. 

Because of this, Pilates is a great type of exercise to improve your mood and mental health. Plus, as with any exercise, Pilates releases endorphins in your body after your workout, making it easier to be happy. 

8. Good for Any Level

Finally, Pilates is a great exercise for any level. Whether you are someone that regularly exercises or not, you can find a Pilates class that fits your needs, regardless of your age or levels of fitness. 

Even those with health concerns, like injuries, can do Pilates because it is a low-impact form of exercise. 

As you improve your skills, you can increase the difficulty of your Pilates routine. You can exercise with your own body weight, with additional weights, and with other pieces of equipment!

Looking for Beginner Pilates Classes? 

Adding pilates classes to your workout routine provides many great benefits for your health. Not only does it help strengthen and tone your entire body, but it will increase your stamina and help you recover from injuries. 

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