January 2018 - Sanctuary | VIM Fitness

Free Weights Functional Movement Series: Bulgarian Split Squats

12 Jan
Recipes EVERYONE Can Enjoy

Fun fact: I’m vegan. It’s not exactly secret, either, since whenever I go to a holiday party I always have to ask what has eggs, butter or milk in it, and avoid all the main meat dishes or delicious-looking desserts. I’m used to it by now, so I usually eat a snack before hand or

04 Jan
January Promo!

Start your 2018 with a commitment to your health & fitness! Take advantage of our January Promo: INITIATION FEE WAIVED! – Applies to ALL memberships. 12 Month Memberships – ZERO DOWN! No Initiation Fee No first month payment due Don’t make a payment until February Expires January 31st, 2018 • Facility fee due 60 days after