January 2018 - VIM | Fitness

Weights Functional Movement Series: Seated Low Row

19 Jan
Healthy, Sustainable Diets

Why do people go vegetarian? You’ll find there is no single answer to this question. Some people care about animals, some do it for their health, others want to reduce their environmental impact, and even more do it for a combination of these reasons. The reason why there is no single reason as to why

18 Jan
8 Week Boot Camp

8-WEEK BOOT CAMP: February 15 – April 15 PRESALE: JAN. 15 – FEB. 14 Package Includes 2 Small Group Training classes per week ($258 value) Unlimited Team Training Open gym access MyZone belt ($150 value) …FOR JUST $249 SIGN UP BY CONTACTING TYLER BELOW:

12 Jan
Recipes EVERYONE Can Enjoy

Fun fact: I’m vegan. It’s not exactly secret, either, since whenever I go to a holiday party I always have to ask what has eggs, butter or milk in it, and avoid all the main meat dishes or delicious-looking desserts. I’m used to it by now, so I usually eat a snack before hand or