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Mark found his passion in fitness after realizing that he craved physical challenge in his life. After picking up Boxing and Kickboxing as a hobby, it soon became a passion that he would practice every day. During the years of his practice, he would help newer students understand the basics of the sport and knew that this was something he enjoyed doing. He also noticed that people, upon realizing that they weren’t immediately good at boxing or kickboxing, would give up early on, thinking that they would never be as strong or skilled as the people around them who had been training longer. This was the initial motivation that led Mark to pursue a career in fitness.
After leaving his retail job of 8 years, he acquired his ACE Personal Training Certification in order to kickstart a career of fitness; where he could help people achieve their personal fitness goals, understand the importance of ‘challenge’ in their life, and show them how to properly punch some stress out of their lives. Mark spent the first few years of his career helping people who had either never been to a gym before or had rarely used one at all, starting from the ground up with basic fitness structure and proper nutrition set up to instill healthy habits. From there, he began teaching boxing and kickboxing in hopes to spread his passion to others and rouse up their fighting spirit.
Mark has backgrounds personal training, weight management, boxing, and kickboxing.



I started training with Mark a little over a year ago after recovering from a lengthy illness. I had been a competitive athlete prior to my illness, but despite months of working out I was struggling to regain the same level of fitness. Mark was able to provide me with work out routines that successfully rebuilt my muscle and allowed me to play rugby again.

~Lousia Jenness

“Due to my slow metabolism, I’ve dealt with a constantly bloated stomach for 3 years. I’ve never been happy with my body and so this year I decided to make a change. I started working out at the beginning of Sept 2019 with Mark Almas. Even within this first month and a half, my body has changed drastically! His workout routines and strict (but doable) diet plans have not only jumpstarted serious weight loss, but my chronic bloating has become more manageable.

Mark is a patient person. He checks with me consistently regarding how I feel on each workout and tries to have a routine that’s catered for me. He’s also always there to guide and cheer me on. Whenever I doubt about myself, Mark was always there to pull me right back up and pushes me forward. I am so proud of how far I’ve come. My body will never look the way it used to be thanks to Mark Almas!”

~Kimberly Huynh

“Mark has challenged and pushed me past my limits. He made me realize I can do more than I expected. Not only is he a great personal trainer but he is also a fun and motivating person. Mark is very informative and has taught me how to reach and sustain my goals. Mark was also able to point out my weaknesses and has taught me how to improve in those areas. He has further exceeded my expectations.”

~Sheila Lao

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“I very much enjoyed my membership with VIM. I have to say that the highlight of my experience was personal training and small group training with Valerie. She was extremely committed to my success and helped me establish an effective goal plan. I saw incredible progress with her (I lost 10 pounds) and I am stronger, happier and healthier. I also really enjoyed her style for leading small group and yoga classes. It is clear she is passionate about this work and dedicated to her clients.”-Ani

— Ani

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