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Private Yoga Lessons


Yoga students seeking to advance their abilities are encouraged to take private yoga lessons. Students receive the personal attention and instruction they desire to feel confident practicing yoga and progress in the art form.

VIM Fitness offers private lessons in the following styles:

  • With special attention to strengthening the core, this Hatha Yoga class will not only enhance your posture, but it will make you stronger in your every day life activities; including your other workouts.
  • Hatha Yoga is an ancient form of movement that utilizes stretching, balancing and breathing techniques to improve wellness. Perfect for all fitness levels, this class aims to reduce stress and back pain while increasing concentration, coordination, and flexibility.
  • A sweaty, vigorous form of yoga, power yoga is characterized by the practice of a series of yoga poses without stopping and accompanied by Vinyasa or riding the breath in order to flow from one pose to another. It is a vigorous exercise that physically and mentally challenges you in order to help you connect to your inner power.
  • Vinyasa means “breathing systems”. Vinyasa Yoga synchronizes movement with breath, linking the postures together into a dynamic practice. The breath is used as a constant point of reference for returning to and resting in the present moment.

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1 Session $90

5 Sessions $400

10 Sessions $775

20 Sessions $1450

50 Sessions $3200

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“I very much enjoyed my membership with VIM. I have to say that the highlight of my experience was personal training and small group training with Valerie. She was extremely committed to my success and helped me establish an effective goal plan. I saw incredible progress with her (I lost 10 pounds) and I am stronger, happier and healthier. I also really enjoyed her style for leading small group and yoga classes. It is clear she is passionate about this work and dedicated to her clients.”-Ani

— Ani

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