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Pilates Trainer Bios

Jasmine, Alex, and Maggie.

Sharon Barry

Studio Director

Sharon has been a Pilates trainer for over twenty years. As a former acrobat/aerialist, circus trainer and professional dancer, the study of movement, body mechanics and injury prevention and recovery are a few of her favorite things. Sharon has worked extensively with professional athletes, dancers and circus performers in conjunction with orthopedists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and physical therapists. She is also a Reiki Master, certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork, passionate about Salsa and African dance, currently trying to travel to the world’s most elusive destinations in an attempt to master kitesurfing. 

“The most effective workouts combine drive, focus, intensity and precision of movement…when you train with me, laughter and humility are non-negotiable side effects.”

Maggie Foster

Maggie Foster

Maggie Foster is a comprehensively certified Power Pilates instructor and has taught movement for many years. She holds a BFA in Contemporary Dance performance from the Boston Conservatory where she began her study of anatomy, pedagogy, and many different somatic techniques. After years of teaching ballet and dancing professionally, Maggie was drawn to Pilates due to challenges with a structural spinal issue, and maintains a fascination with how the body can change when correctly informed on alignment. She continues to grow this knowledge through self-study and practice. Maggie is passionate about finding ways to alleviate pain and build strength at the same time, and works with clients of all ages.

Alex Van Buren

Alex is a high school teacher by day and Pilates instructor by night. She first got involved in Pilates after a few sports-related knee and foot injuries. She continued to gain passion for Pilates while recovering from foot surgery as it helped her regain strength and flexibility without creating impact on her foot. Alex became so passionate about spreading the joy of Pilates that she would make her friends do online videos with her in their dorm rooms and would drag them to classes at the local gym. Now, as a certified instructor, Alex loves to instruct Pilates classes because she believes that it is an exercise that any participant at any level can excel in with dedication, hard work, and proper modifications.

Alex speaks Spanish and she loves traveling through the Spanish-speaking world during her vacations. She has been to Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico and has lived in Spain and Costa Rica for school… and hopes to add many more destinations to her list! Alex enjoys biking, swimming, cooking (and eating) food, and spending her career as a teacher.


Catherine Nelson

Apprentice Trainer

Catherine started taking pilates classes over ten years ago while living in Minneapolis in an effort to improve strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. She has remained passionate about pilates after experiencing all of these benefits and more, and has enjoyed learning from diverse teaching styles at the various studios she has been a student at. Seeking to take her knowledge and skill level to the next level, she completed instructor training through Balanced Body, taking the Mat 1, Mat 2, Anatomy, and Reformer 1 modules. In addition to pilates training, she works as a learning and development professional, and is pursuing her doctorate in Leadership and Learning in Organizations. Outside of class, you’ll find her traveling, reading, volunteering, and spending time with her husband. As an instructor, she hopes to provide a class experience that is both challenging and restorative to help others increase overall well-being through improved fitness and reduced stress. She is excited to be taking the next step her in her pilates journey as an instructor with the VIM team.

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“I very much enjoyed my membership with VIM. I have to say that the highlight of my experience was personal training and small group training with Valerie. She was extremely committed to my success and helped me establish an effective goal plan. I saw incredible progress with her (I lost 10 pounds) and I am stronger, happier and healthier. I also really enjoyed her style for leading small group and yoga classes. It is clear she is passionate about this work and dedicated to her clients.”-Ani

— Ani

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