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Now Offering In-House Massage

26 Sep
FREE Functional Training Clinic You’re Invited to a FREE Functional Training Clinic with VIM Trainer, Quan! WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 2nd @ 11AM and 7:30PM Friday, Oct. 5th @ 11AM and 7:30PM WHERE: VIM – Central Square CLINIC DESCRIPTION: Join us to learn workout regimen incorporating the whole body system as a single unit, involving multi-joint movements to create a muscle balance/stabilization

06 Sep
Icelandic Skyr

On my recent visit to Iceland, I was able to survey many of the traditional Icelandic foods. Icelandic lamb or fish stew was offered everywhere for lunch, but I preferred the vegetable option with unlimited homemade bread. The breads, pastries and coffee, all clearly labeled when vegan friendly, kept me full and energized. However, one

23 Aug
Back to School Recipes

August is coming to an end, which means school is starting soon! Prepping lunch for students both young and old can be difficult in the busy fall season. Every student is different, and often their nutritional needs vary, too. The classic PBJ may work for some, but not all. So if you’re struggling to find

16 Aug
Eating for a Healthy Gut

Adapted from IDEA Health & Fitness Association If your gut is in a rut, chances are your health is suffering, too. The gut, also known as the gastrointestinal (or GI) tract, hosts trillions of bacteria that can have profound effects on digestive health and overall wellness. It’s a good idea to consume prebiotics and probiotics—dietary

09 Aug
What to Make in August

It’s August, which means Summer produce is at its peak! If you stop by your local farmer’s market you may notice a few of these fruits and veggies around. If you’re not sure what to do with them, scroll through some of these recipes for a seasonal and local meal! VIM is now offering nutrition