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Mark Doherty grew up not far north of Boston where he got involved in sports at a very young age. Throughout the years, Mark stayed active playing everything from hockey to baseball to riding BMX bikes.

This all came to a screeching halt at 17 when Mark was in a debilitating car accident that left him with two broken legs and years of rehab in his future. Once all was said and done, Mark couldn’t simply walk without pain with each step, and without a clue about how to treat it, he just thought that this was his life now – legs full of hardware and the hardship that comes with it.

When Mark found fitness, it changed his life for the better. Getting stronger in the weight room helped him gain confidence and feel better about himself than he felt in years. But, the pain continued. It was less now, but still lingering, Mark still thinking this was normal to deal with considering his past injuries.

Then, when Mark got introduced to strength & conditioning and movement-based practices, it really changed his life forever. This type of training, which revolves around establishing a baseline foundation of movement patterns and building strength and resiliency off it, is what convinced Mark that the human body is truly amazing and capable of so much.

Month after month, the pain was disappearing.

Mark now uses these same principles that helped him get moving and training pain free and feeling more resilient than ever. Mark has worked with people from a variety of backgrounds. He excels working with people with previous or current injuries, as he knows what it takes to make a difference in their lives.

If you’re suffering from knee pain, back pain, hip pain or neck pain, Mark can get you moving more appropriately and pain free. If you’re just trying to get bigger, stronger, and faster, or simply trying to lose weight and keep yourself healthy, Mark is definitely capable of helping you reach your fitness goals!



“I’ve hired many trainers throughout the years and I can confidently say that Mark is the best trainer I’ve ever had. Why? Because by working out with Mark, I experienced visible changes in my body in a very short amount of time. When I started with Mark, I weighted 135 lbs. When I finished training with Mark six months later (because I moved away), I weighed 150 lbs and I still wore the same size pants!

From the beginning, I could tell that Mark takes his role as your trainer very seriously. He is meticulous about creating workouts to meet your goals and then tracking your progress in his spreadsheets.

When you work out with Mark, he’s very present. He watches to make sure you’re using proper movement when you do an exercise and helps to adjust to ensure proper alignment and muscle group usage. Other trainers are fine with letting you go through the motions, but Mark cares enough to ensure you’re getting the most out of the exercise and time you spend with him.

I highly recommend Mark for his attention to detail, his meticulous attention during your workouts, and his excellent knowledge of the relationship between muscles and proper movement. This man knows his stuff. Work out with him – you won’t regret it!”

~Joe L.

“After recently having knee surgery and suffering from a nagging wrist injury, I sought the help of a personal trainer to strengthen my body and prevent further sports injuries. I trained with Mark D. on a weekly basis. In addition to being very knowledgeable about strength training and body movement, Mark understood my goals and provided varied programs and routines to achieve great results. Mark used a holistic approach, incorporating flexibility, strength, balance, and rotational exercises to promote greater health and core stability.

Despite my pre-existing injuries, Mark knew how to strengthen and isolate muscles without stressing the injured areas. Most importantly – he focused on my form to ensure the tI was doing the moves correctly. The results have been significant. I am stronger than I have been in years and have greater stability in my knee. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking for a great personal trainer.”

~Will E.

“I am a pretty active person and have been a gym member for many years. I’ve always done cardio workouts with running and biking as a focus to stay in shape because it’s what I knew. It wasn’t until the summer of 2017 when I signed up for a free session at my local gym with Mark. We talked about my fitness goals, my nutrition, and my life experiences. I informed him that I wanted to gain more muscle, increase mobility and learn how to effectively lift weights. I knew from this first session that I could trust Mark as a trainer and that he would help me achieve my goals. This first session led me to enroll in weekly training sessions for several months.
Mark has not only taught me various exercises (and how to do them properly) to gain muscle and increase mobility, but has also noticed deviations and weaknesses. He found the root of these issues and by working on the underlying problem, he helped me fix these weaknesses, which allowed me to start lifting heavier weights in a safe and pain free way. When I started deadlifting, I would have pain in my lower back. I thought this was normal, a muscle soreness from lifting heavy weights. Once I told Mark, he explained that this pain was not normal. He found issues in my form, which we quickly resolved, but he also gave me additional exercises which ultimately enhanced my deadlift. I can now deadlift over 210 lbs without any back pain (almost double my weight)! He has done this with almost every other muscle group we worked on. Since training with Mark I’ve also noticed changes in my everyday life, such as my posture and the way I pick things off the ground. He has helped me engage muscles I’ve never thought about to more effectively perform certain exercises.
I am impressed by Mark’s knowledge in strength training and by his passion for helping his clients succeed and meet their goals; he truly becomes invested in you. He is definitely someone I can trust and is always available to answer any questions, no matter how ridiculous they may be.
Mark is very attentive to what each client needs and knows when to push them. He constantly challenged, encouraged, and motivated me to do better and reach new heights. These training sessions with Mark have been invaluable and I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to further their fitness on any level.


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“I very much enjoyed my membership with VIM. I have to say that the highlight of my experience was personal training and small group training with Valerie. She was extremely committed to my success and helped me establish an effective goal plan. I saw incredible progress with her (I lost 10 pounds) and I am stronger, happier and healthier. I also really enjoyed her style for leading small group and yoga classes. It is clear she is passionate about this work and dedicated to her clients.”-Ani

— Ani

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