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7 Surprising Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Have you ever found yourself thinking “exercise is boring” or “I don’t like working out alone”? If so, you are not the only one. These are two of the most common excuses for not working out. Fortunately, there are solutions. Whether you are looking for inspiration to work out or are not progressing in your […]

How to Get Motivated to Start Running

    Running is a fantastic way to improve your health and fitness. Plus, you get the added benefit of breaking away from life’s stresses and into the freedom of the great outdoors. The problem is that while many of us start a running habit with good intentions, it’s not always easy to stay motivated […]

How Many Times a Week Should You Work Out?

Whether you are a professional athlete seeking to reach optimum performance or you have finally decided to join a gym after a long time of inactivity, the same question arises. How many times a week should you work out?  If you are someone who has the time and capacity to go every day, should you? If you […]

The Different Types of Personal Trainers Explained

The fitness industry has, in the past few years, exploded to a nearly $100 billion industry, and the craze is not about to stop either. With this explosion came a horde of different fitness trainers that if you want to get into fitness, you have to choose the right one. Just like in any other […]

How to Find the Best Boston Personal Trainer for You

Everyone knows that hiring a personal trainer is a great way to get fit or to improve athletic performance. Trainers know a lot about fitness and athletic training and they enjoy helping their clients meet their goals. Personal trainers devote their careers and their lives to learning about ways to train the human body, mind, […]