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Personal training is an effective way to help you achieve your current fitness and wellness goals. Yet personal training is also an investment in your long-term health. The knowledge and skills you gain from working with a personal trainer will stay with you forever. Personal trainers can help you determine your goals and create a specific plan to achieve them.

At VIM Fitness, we believe that the most effective type of personal training is an individualized program. Our Personal Training Programs are created based on clients’ current fitness state, physical history, and wellness goals. Feel free to request your own program, or choose one of the following programs:

  • Reduce body fat percentage through a fitness schedule based on individually calculated daily caloric needs and ideal heart rates to stay in the fat burning zone.
  • Form defined muscles by performing a variety of exercises from many angles and in all three planes of motion.
  • Enhance agility, speed, endurance, power, coordination and strength using a periodized training method
  • Create proper kinetic chain function through developing proper length/tension muscular relationships, increasing range of motion around joints and strengthening stabilizer and core muscles.

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1 Group Session $45 (per person)

5 Group Sessions $200 (per person)

10 Group Sessions $375 (per person)

20 Group Sessions $725 (per person)



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VIM Fitness is a local independent company based in Cambridge. We were founded in 2004 with the core principle that a luxurious wellness experience should be within everyone's reach. We have two locations, a gym in Central Square, and a gym in University Park.

Our Mission
The mission of VIM is to craft an exceptional experience for our guests as well as an enjoyable workplace for our staff. We aim to contribute to the vitality of our community and to carry ourselves in an ethical and environmentally responsible fashion.